PTFE Shaped Parts

2018-12-26 270

Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE)  Shaped Parts

Characteristic of the products
PTFE   irregular shaped part and liner is made by post process or special treatment of PTFE material, which is difficult to be done by mould press method.

Use of the products 
It is suitable  for seal under -180℃-+250℃  and different corrosive conditions , parts of corrosion-resistant pipe, corrosion-resistant chemical vessel , friction-reduction of machinery , self-lubricating material ,insulating   parts for different  frequency. 

Technical indicator of the products 

PropertyUnit Result 
Apparent density g/cm 3 2.10~2.30 
Tensile strength ≥ MPa 15
Ultimate elongation ≥ 150


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