Products concrete use of PTFE

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Products concrete use of PTFE
Due to high bond energy of F-C and shielding effect of F atoms, PTFE plastic has excellent corrosion-resistance, dielectricity, weatherability, non-flammability, non-adhesiveness, and low friction coefficient, wide range of temperature for application. It is widely used in the application of corrosion-resistant, sealing, load-bearing, anti-adhesive, dielectric, medical and health, household articles and becomes a indispensable and important material for modern industry, sophisticated science, defense industry, electric appliance and electronics, chemical petroleum, mechanical manufacturing.

Application of corrosion-resistance 
Corrosion is a common problem in the world and it causes great loss because rubber, glass and alloy is unable to meet the requirement of temperature, pressure and contacting material at the same time. However, specially treated florin material is able to meet these requirements and become the critical corrosion-resistant material for petroleum and chemical industry. 1.  Feeding pipe, vent pipe and steam pipe for the transfer of corrosive gas 2. High-pressure oil pipe for steel rolling machine, high or low pressure pipe in hydraulic and refrigerating system in airplane 3.  Chemical equipment such as distillation column, heat exchanger, kettle, column, liner of channel, valve 4. Filtrating material such as filtrating membrane, electrolysis membrane, gas dialysis membrane.

Application in corrosion-resistant seal
Sealing performance has great influence on equipment efficiency and performance of machinery. For sealing with high corrosion-resistant requirement and at temperature  higher than 100℃, florin  material  or enhanced florin  material is mostly used due to its corrosion-resistance, aging-resistance,  low  friction  coefficient , non-adhesiveness, wide range of temperature for application and elasticity.  1.  Sealing for machinery, heat exchanger, high-pressure vessel, big diameter vessel, valve, grooved flange of pump 2. Sealing for ceramic reactor, surface flange, and big diameter flange 3.  Sealing for shaft, piston shaft, and valve shaft 4.  Sealing for worm wheel pump, handhold 5.   Mechanical sealing.

Application in load bearing 
As florin material has the lowest friction coefficient among all existing solid material, it is widely used in direct load bearing. In addition, to resolve the difficulty of lubricating the friction part of equipment, to prevent the dissolution of lubricant by the solvent, to meet the need of corrosion-resistant and cold-resistant pump, to avoid the contamination of lubricant to the product in paper-making, pharmaceutical, food and textile industry, florin   material has become the most ideal self-lubricating material. 1.   F4 bearing used for chemical equipment, papermaking machinery, farm machinery; 2. Piston ring, guide rail of machine tool, guiding ring 3.  F4 slide  --- due to low  friction  coefficient and high bearing capacity of F4,  it is widely used as bearing for bridge, tunnel  and steel prefabricated house in civil engineering and construction and bearing slide  for  large chemical  pipe and storage tank.  F4 rubber bearing is a common bridge bearing. With the development of technology and materials, it can be also used for the construction of bridge and revolving of bridge. 

Application in electric and electronics 
1.  F4 enameled wire is used for micro-motor, thermocouple, control device, etc. 
2.  It is one of the indispensable materials for aviation, radar, TV, and rocket industry.  
3.  Thin membrane----used for the production of capacitor, radio insulator and liner, wire insulating.
4.  Insulating layer of many instrument and insulating   material for motor and transformer. 

Application in anti-adhesive
A large portion of F4 material is used in anti-adhesive, as F4 is not only anti-adhesive but also have excellent heat or cold resistance.  The main application is F4 parts or thin layer on the substrate, F4 coating, compound   enameled cloth and heat shrink sleeve on the material.

Application in medical and pharmaceutical
1. Major application in medical and pharmaceutical is medical instrument and some substitute goods for human organs, e.g. F4 expanded artificial blood vessel, artificial heart and lung dialysis membrane.  
2.  Teflon-coated pot. 
3.  Construction material. 
With the development of society, there will be a bigger and bigger demand for PTFE product and the application of PTFE product will become much wider.

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